Our Area of Work for Social Development


i. To promote and foster education among poor deserving and needy students whether of primary, secondary, graduate, Post graduate, Vocational, Technical, Musical courses by all means of training, guidance or counseling.
ii. To promote normal and adult education and different literacy programs.
iii. To organize Non-Residential schools, Residential Schools / Colleges for scheduled cast and scheduled tribe, orphan target groups including children of poor orphans destitute child and widows etc.
iv. To provide educational complex in law literacy of development of women's literacy in tribal areas.
v. To establish schools for the deaf, dump, blind and mentally retarded children of the society.


i. To run maintain or assistance to any medical institution, Nursing Homes, clinics or to grant assistance to needy and indigent persons for meeting the cost of medical treatment.
ii. To conduct HIV/AIDS, TB, Cancer, Leprosy, Dengue etc. health awareness programs on different diseases.
iii. To arrange Blood donation camps, free eye camps, Medical Checkup and pathological laboratory test as well as different health awareness programs among the public.
iv. To promote child care, infant feeding, child health, maternity care and to prevent drug abuse alcoholism and other related problems.
v. To expand the healthcare network to the inaccessible and remote places of the whole state.


i.To organize relief and rescue operation in aid of distressed people during Natural calamities like flood, fire, famine, Earthquake, drought etc.
ii. To establish, maintain or grant to orphanage, old age homes, Help to the poor, destitute widows, helpless old persons.
iii. To raise standard of living of the weaker sections, economically backward communities and to raise economic, self-reliance of women.
iv. To work for eradication of social evils like untouchability and atrocities on women in the society through family consulting centers.
v. To give medical facilities to the poor people to create awareness in hygienic and healthy habits.
vi. To render donation to the Prime Minister Relief fund, Chief Minister Relief fund and Indian Red Cross Society.


i. To put technical financial organization and there in use in the fields of traditional systems of occupation like Agriculture, Horticulture, Pisciculture, Animal Husbandry, Poultry, art and craft, cottage industries etc.
ii. To educate the importance of educational balance and engage the society for the maintenance there of.
iii. To provide establishment of medicinal plants, Nurseries, Herbal garden and preservation of extinction of plant species and flora.