Medical Camps organized by ‘The Shelter’ (Health)

The state of Odisha is prone to lots cyclones such as the super cyclone of 1999, Cyclone Phailin etc. Post these cyclones various coastal districts of Odisha were ravaged which led to the birth of diseases among the local residents. For livelihood reforms of Phailin affected villages in coastal Odisha, it was indispensable to provide health care support for vulnerable groups. For this, ‘The Shelter’ organized medical camps on treatment and counselling on water borne diseases, skin and other dreadful diseases in 2013 at Phailin stricken communities e.g. Ganjam, Gajapati, Khurda, Puri, Cuttack, Kendrapara etc. involving volunteers and doctors. With this treatment ‘The Shelter ‘distributed medicines and ORS as well as NFI (Non-Food Items) for Phailin affected people.

Projects purpose and goal:

To promote improved health, safe water and sanitation in Coastal Odisha by developing awareness and skills and provisioning services towards the grassroots.

Projects Underlined:

i. Awareness building on health and sanitation and public-private-partnership development for provisioning health, water and sanitation support.
ii. Climate resilient water and sanitation hardware installation and skills development on Water and sanitation management.
iii. Community led WATSAN practices, community empowerment and capacity building.
iv. 100% sanitation approach to coastal Odisha communities.
v. Reproductive health, sanitation and personal hygiene practices for women and adolescents.

Talented Students Scheme (TSS) Program (Education)

Illiteracy is prevalent among the people of various poor or undeveloped regions of India, further exacerbated by the lack of income that puts pressure on the children to work to provide food for themselves and their families. There are many opportunities cropping up in India; which are eluding and will continue to elude the inhabitants of these regions unless they get access to quality education.
The Shelter has dedicated itself to changing the lives of the backward villages of Odisha inhabitants through education. The generations of tomorrow will require training in order to be prepared for an ever-changing world and to avail of the opportunities that are now cropping up in India. The low literacy rate in the area is significantly affected by the lack of sufficient income, which puts pressure on the children to work to provide for themselves and the family.
Talented Students Scheme (TSS) is a sponsorship program, in effect since 2008, through which individual students are provided with the support required to get access to a structured education. Besides financial support, the sponsor can communicate with the student through exchange of letters as well as visits; thereby providing moral support as well.

Projects purpose and goal:

While the ultimate aim of this program is to prepare the student to gain meaningful occupation after completion of his(her) education, ‘The Shelter’ believes that being sponsored by a kindly human being will make better human beings out of the students themselves, so that someday they can reciprocate the kindness to another.

Contact for Sponsorships:

In order to sponsor a meritorious student from the economically backward class please contact or call +91-94383 62558 .

Book Vault (Education):

The Book Bank is the student resource for all the Course Books that a student may require for his academic pursuits from Class 5 to Class 12. The Book Vault offers issuing of books and also provides all enrolled students with all his course books for a period of one year. Our books go to children, the ill, and the indigent, in places where there is no access to books.

Projects purpose and goal:

The Purpose of Book Bank project is to keep ‘The Shelter’ inventory of books current and ensure the organization has the capability to properly distribute the textbooks among all needy people of this area.

Contact for Donation:

Contact for donating old books in any languages from Class 5 to 12, please write to or call +91-94383 62558 .