About Shelter

Know about us, our Mission and Vision


‘The Shelter’ mission is to work as an umbrella which will protect the innocent and will provide basic amenities like food, clothing and shelter to the economically backward and downtrodden in India. It also envisages to protect the environment, provide quality education to the destitute children, upliftment of women in all spheres in the backward areas.


We strive to make the poor of our country to receive proper education, healthcare and shelter by 2020. We also dream to spread our footprints to whole of India during this period.

Team of Shelter

The Shelter was formed on November 22nd 2004 by a group of very young professionals from diverse industries for the simple aim of doing something better and changing lives for the society at large. The people behind the organization are now propelling it to spread its wings to the various corners of the country. The current team comprises of 25 dedicated staff working directly with the organization with the help of temporary field staff in Odisha.

Smt. Sagarika Pattanayak


Sri Santosh Kumar Samantaray


Sri Saroj Kumar Behura


Sri Gyanendu Mohanty

Joint Secretary

Sri Ashok Mohanty

Executive Member